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Oops! are:

Agata - a mum of two small girls (Oops! Testers), fully responsible for communication with you, cooperation with our Partner Shops, wool huntingmanufacturing process planning, photos, graphic processing, etc…

Taylors Team: imperturbably since 2017, Ela.

She is the fundamental element of our nappies manufacturing process, from the first to the last stich.

She’s the person, who’s credits cannot be described in few words. I’ll only mention that the quality of our nappies comes directly from all heart and love put by Ela into hand cutting, sewing, searching for new solutions, step by step preparing the parts for the other Tailors, and many, many more.


As our team started growing, more girls started joining us:

  • Gabrysia – honest,extremely precise,
  • Basia – her sense of humour can discharge every tension,
  • Ewathe quality improvement is her constant goal, and nothing and nobody is capable of stopping her,
  • Agata – she precisely sews the nappies, and also takes care of our shippment and many more unexpected activities. We also got the first few pieces made by Halina, Danuta and Magdalena takes their first steps as well.

Alongside with the core crew, we have our amazing volunteers: Marta, Marzena, Magda and Agata (it’s already the third Agata in Oops! Team, actually the fourth one…) – they all are the mothers with huge hearts, spending their free time doing admin work for our Oops! Fan Group. There is also an exceptional person, Julka, an advisor, logistic and linguistic support. We are very lucky working in the permanent team in an atmosphere of mutual trust and support. That’s a great foundation of a small business, I believe.



Oops! means #reusablenappies, hand cut, and hand sewn, using various types of wool, and that’s why we accept the dimension differences up to 2 cm in respective units. The base for most of our models is 100% merino wool coming from a great European Supplier. All the colourful, vivid and patterned materials are always purchased with a mad passion by Agata – the owner, herself.

Covers are composed of woollen fabrics coming from the global suppliers, but mainly in European countries. We test the purchased wool fabric if it is suitable for the reusable nappies purpose, and then we design short and unique series. These very special, and sometimes hard to get models Oops! conquered Mums’ hearts. There is no place for boredom here. Oops! makes some nappies accessories like harness, button up tails, sew-on badges, blankets and nappy carrier bags.


We are very proud to be closely working for the last few years with Almitra Tattva, the famous Baby Carrier Wraps manufacturer from India. We use their cashmere collection for our own creations.

Oops! has also designed baby’s and toddler’s cloths collections.



Imagine, that you can offer something good for your children’s health and wellbeing, something with respect for nature and environment, something what makes the parents happy and supports home budget. Why wouldn’t you try it? Oops! is willing to give an alternative to the parents, who consider reusable nappies for either economic, ideological or health reasons.

We also try to show the #reusable way of your new journey, the parenthood.




For everyone. For hardworking Mums in their full-time jobs, for Eco Freaks living in their cottage houses at the end of the world, for sleepy mum, and for sceptic and slightly pragmatic dad. Oops! is absolutely for everyone. Working myself with thousands of Mums I know, that our reusable nappies can unite opposites, and this is just an extra bonus of this choice.


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